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indyvin is directed by maker Stephanie Nugent, with technical support by Robin Cox. It is an Indianapolis-based, woman-run business dedicated to environmental sustainability via the slow-fashion movement. With “green” as our base, our mission is to revitalize historical fashion through vintage resale and handcrafted garments for one-of-a-kind people.


indyvin grew out of Nugent’s passion for reselling, up-cycling, and creating 60’s/70’s inspired original fashion. 


We have a strong online presence (Poshmark and Depop) primarily designed for vintage and couture resale. As a maker, Stephanie's work has quickly grown as well, with sales/commissions available through this website, Depop/Poshmark, and in-person at pop-up markets.


However, you will NOT find us on Instagram or Facebook Market Place! With an understanding that these resources are of benefit to many small businesses, we seek a slower real-life pace, focused on in-person engagement.

To communicate directly or schedule an in-person meeting, message us through this website and leave your cell # if you wish to speak to a real human :) Stephanie will call you back! Please also consider joining our mailing list to receive notifications of in-person pop-up events.

Custom Designs
have a one-of-a-kind piece
 made just for you!

Every piece I create is made with second-hand (often vintage) materials -making each piece unique! Occasionally, I will find a large bolt of awesome fabric, with which I am able to make multiple pieces, but my creative drive will cause me to at least make variations :) 


When sourcing vintage pieces in particular, I have a deep respect for the history represented and the work represented in their original creation. For this reason, my decision to mend, up-cycle, or recycle is highly influenced by the vintage/condition of each piece. Aesthetically, I am a sucker for the 1960’s/70’s, with patchwork and bellbottoms a staple in my work. 


I also know the importance of fit in one’s favorite pair of jeans (particularly around the bum). For this reason, when creating on commission, my priority is to take a client’s measurements and/or find the perfect pair of base jeans. I have heaps of vintage jeans in my collection and welcome a client to supply their own source material. Some clients have commissioned me to make something from a quilt that has been in their family for several generations, others bring beloved items they have acquired and wish to make wearable. 


Commissions start at $150. I will provide a quote before beginning work so client and I are on the same page. A deposit of $75 is paid upfront with the remaining balance to be paid upon receipt of garment.


I am committed to creating pieces you absolutely LOVE!  Please see commission policies here below.




I am a one-woman business and every piece takes hours to source, design and create. For this reason, I do not accept returns. However, it is also my passion to make clothes that my customers adore! So, please do reach out to me if your order is not satisfactory and I will work with you to get it right!


When shipping out completed purchases, I am typically able to ship within three days and will notify customers if there is any reason for a delay beyond that. When creating/shipping custom orders, I will work with the buyer to determine a mutually agreeable turnaround time.



Upon reaching a mutual agreement on item design/materials, price, and delivery date, a deposit of $75 is required before work begins. Upon completion, the remaining balance is to be paid in full prior to delivery of the garment. Within 14 days of receiving the garment, if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please contact me. I will work with you to make the piece right, or, accept a return of the garment for a refund of the purchase amount, minus the initial deposit.

We take your privacy and collection of information seriously. Please click HERE to see details of our business practices.